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Sereness is our wagon shaped closet, she can be painted to match any sheperds hut, wagon or yurt. The sereness has an answer to the planning problem too…………… she can come fully fitted with cast iron axle and wheels. We use sereness on our own site with a wash up area to the side.

Height: 250cm (when on platform or wheels)
Width: 152cm floor 182 roof
Depth: 243cm (including 60cm veranda)

Hard wearing black hinges, latches and handles
Wooden access step

Standard with a flushing loo £4467.00 + VAT
Standard with a separett compost toilet £5200.00 + VAT

We can also supply the Sereness with:

- Fully working axles and cast iron metal wheels: + £400.00
- Cuprinol painted and floor varnished over the top : + £350.00

Finance Available
Finance is available from GTF Event Equipment Finance.
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The Earth Hut

The Earth Hut is our own design, she is beautiful with her waney edge sides and shingled roof. She would sit beautifully next to any natural structure like a yurt or bell tent.

Her natural appearance is with thanks to her treated wood.

Height: 250cm
Width: 220cm
Depth: 213cm

Standard with flushing loo: £5500.00
standard with compost loo: £6000.00

Finance Available
Finance is available from GTF Event Equipment Finance.
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Close Coupled Toilet with Dual Flush

Our contemporary toilet is perfect for a glamp site that has a sewage treatment system or septic tank.

We are happy to advise on what you will need to get your ‘flush’ and can point you in the direction of a company that we recommend to suppy or supply and fit.

Why we use this one?

- Dual Flush
- 6Ltr Cistern Capacity
- Soft-Close White Toilet Seat Supplied
- 5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)

The Separette Villa 9010

The standard for environmentally friendly toilets has been set higher than ever. In terms of design, stability, comfort and use, it is the equal of a modern WC in every way.

The built-in, 2-speed fan expels odours and condensation from the toilet and bathroom quietly and effectively. The venting duct can be run straight through an outer wall.

The Villa 9010 can be installed in both warm and cold locations, and will work perfectly well irrespective of the room temperature. It can be placed according to your needs and fastened to the wall or floor.

Compostable waste bag

Fits all models from 1998. Separett Compostable waste bag is designed to endure the conditions inside the toilet and during the storage period. Then it will slowly disintegrate in the ground or in a composter.

Handling of end product
Easy handling with urine separation. Separation of urine allows the emptying frequency reduced to a fifth. If you want to avoid the storage time, read more about Roslagscompost and Burn.

Replace the container.
Put the lid over the container and use the sliding surfaces to remove the container from the toilet.

Place it in a suitable location outdoors
Add some soil and put the lid on with a slight opening, which allows the solids to vent.

Let stand for 6 months.
This process inactivates human pathogens so that it can harmlessly be composted or buried, in order to decompose fully.

After the storage period
Compost content in a ordinary compost, garden compost pile of leaves or digging down with Separett Compostable bag.

Extra Components

Basin to match flushing toilet
depth: 405mm
One tap hole
Width: 450mm
Height: 850mm

Basin to match waterless toilet
One tap hole
Depth: 405mm

Automatic hand sanitizer
Takes the PURELL TFX 1200ml high-capacity refill. 30,000 uses from three standard C-size alkaline batteries. Batteries included. LED light shows when battery charge is low. Skylight makes it easy to see when it's time to reload. Price: £15.00

Standard taps
Minimum pressure 0.1 bar
No extra charge

Contemporary taps
Minimum pressure 0.2 bar
Plus: £19.99 + VAT

Classic taps
Minimum pressure 0.1 bar
Plus: £24.99 + VAT

Standard Shower
Mira riser rail with mixer tap
No extra charge

Upgrade Shower
Mira fixed shower head and riser rail
with mixer tap
Plus: £113.49 + VAT

Washup Area
Hot water supply from boiler. Sink taps & trap included. Water waste to follow that of the shower/basin Plus: £250.00

NOTE: All products are subject to change on availability.